Hello and thank for stopping by! The Is My First and Only Official Photography page! Here I will post my work to be viewed and shared! I am a Photographer from the Central California Area with a passion for editorial and documentary style images. I am currently less than 1 semester away from finishing my AS degree for Professional Photography.

My heart will always lay with Black and White Darkroom/Film Photography but I also have some skills in Video Editing and Photo-Book Layouts. I have B/W (35mm and 4X5) film/digital and Darkroom experience. Printing and Mounting skills are relatively mandatory to present or gift your work. I am actively learning new skills and perfecting others constantly in photoshop and lightroom Creative Cloud. I am Recently passes my Commercial Portraiture, and Commercial lighting with B/W Digital Classes. In Fall 2014 I will be taking an advanced Editorial portraiture class as well as an independent studies class. During Spring 2015 I will be taking Professional Practices (business planning)as well as Alternative Processes (printing on other materials EX: metal, glass, or wood).

I spent my teenage years with struggles, of health and drug problems as well as plenty of other issues just like everyone else. one day my life change, and i will forever be thankful to the girl who never speaks to me, Thank you Jennifer Carl for saving my life that day and completely changing the course of my existence. After years of struggle to survive to get through a rough past and with a clouded future, I lived my life through a camera, never truly apart of anything. But through those memories I had captured I too had become apart their memories, something I never thought could happen. My journey is more than just a troubled teen, I'm still troubled just as we all are! I am still learning and still adapting. I am doing the best I can with what I have.

I am doing this all on my own, not never alone, I have learned there are people out there that care. and i want them to know I too am one of those people. Being a person who struggles I try to understand where everyone is coming from, even people I may not care for(which is very rare). Odds are, they are a lot more like you then you think. The moment when you see them feel the way you have before and you understand why they do or act a certain way. That unspoken communication that brigs people truly together.. that's what I want to give to you!

Porcelain Black

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